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Workshop Mind Your Spine 22/05

Start: 22 mei 2024 16:00
Einde: 22 mei 2024 17:30

Nieuwland 69, 9000 Gent

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Mind Your Spine is a contemporary dance and movement workshop that focuses on your spine, the center of your body. It forms the starting point to move more dynamically and fluidly throughout your own body. It serves as the guiding principle of this workshop, using your imagination to renew your movements and ignite your inspiration. You can expect a mix of improvisation and learning some small movement phrases.

The workshop is hosted by Lies Lambrecht, who will guide you through an inspirational, feel-free, and feel-good moment where you tune into your entire body and the present moment while embracing together the ability to take risks.

If you're unsure whether this workshop is suitable for you, feel free to contact us via Instagram @devloer.broei or email us at platformdevloer@gmail.com

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